Oh, hello there! AD XLV is the personal website of a human named Vinicius.

This website is a small corner on the web where I can share my work, but also projects, experiments, and hyperlinks. Seeds of thoughts to be cultivated in public.

Also! Everything you see here is a work in progress. Below you can find some of my favorite pages so far. If you like something you see, please feel free to get in touch.


Anno Domini 45, before the medieval period, was called the Year of the Consulship of Vinicius and Corvinus. That’s because in the Julian calendar, Romans identified a year by naming it after the two consuls who took office in it.

Apart from the lost etymological connection, there’s little reason to why that became this website’s name, though. I was looking for a domain that was less formal and promotional than a first & last name dot com, aiming to drop the personal brand from the content front. And that made the cut.

(Now you know.)