Welcome to my personal website

This website was handcrafted in Visual Studio Code. The text is set using Inter, and Georgia.

The very first iteration of this website used Harp.js, a beautiful static website generator that I loved to work with. Sadly the project haven’t had updates in a while, node.js versioning is hard, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep relying on old Docker images.

To get this up and running I moved it all to Eleventy, and I’m happy I did. It’s also a no-config static website generator, and it feels fresh.

I host this website on GitHub pages.

My friend Marianne hosts a traditional new-year resolution night. By January or February, she sends the invitations to a handful of friends to get together, sometimes over s’mores.

We fill down custom forms listing our general aspirations, what we’d like to learn, and other considerations for the year to come. It’s a fun little grounding gathering. For three consecutive years, working on my personal website and portfolio stayed as an item on this list.

And yet I kept postponing it. I’d remember about it during some low-key weekends, I’d mock some wireframes, and draft some documents. But really, there was no priority. Life was happening elsewhere, the task became a chore I kept avoiding.

During quarantine, I found myself at my home desk more than ever. Perception of time and priorities warped. At some point, while cleaning folders and revisiting projects I had worked on, I found some of my first web projects: simple table layouts holding together a much slower web; pragmatic HTML documents informing, guiding, and barely asking for attention. I recalled how much time I had spent engaged on my own little web projects growing up, and how much that was still part of me.

I remembered I could still enjoy the process of maintaining a personal website. So here we are, look at us!

Thank you for stopping by :-)