Video project

A trip to Croatia, Slovenia & Hungary

At the end of 2014, Marcello, Mari, Marianne and I spent two weeks travelling through Central Europe and its boundaries by bus, plane, car and train while enjoying Christmas and New Year’s eve holidays.

When Germany played against Camaroon during World Cup 2014, Marcello, Mari, Marianne and I got a little too tipsy. It was a slow foggy Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. Mari had a globe in her living room, and we decided to try our luck and pick our next trip together.

After a few fingers landing in the Pacific ocean, we rotated the globe a little more, and stopped somewhere near Croatia. We searched for images while checking on the map, and found beautiful beaches by the Adriatic and the bluest lakes inland. When we realized it was gonna be Winter and some of those places empty, the idea of visiting them off-season excited us even more. We decided a route from Split in Croatia, to Budapest in Hungary, and purchased the tickets before the end of the night.

From June to December, we got together a couple of times to plan the itinerary, decide where we’d go and what we’d see, and get plane, train and bus tickets. From Split, we decided our way to Trogir, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Postojna, Predjama, Trieste, Zagreb, and finally Budapest.

We made this video collaboratively, mostly shot on iPhones with Hyperlapse, with some footage from a Fujifilm X100 and a GoPro. Recording the cinematic pans and funny looks was part of the fun.

Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Song by High Highs - Open season.

Fufifilm X100 – Dubrovnik
Fujifilm X100 – Trogir
Fufifilm X100 – Lake Bled
iPhone 6 – Ljubljana
Fufifilm X100 – Train from Zareb to Budapest
Fujifilm X100 – Train from Zagreb to Budapest
Fufifilm X100 – Danube River
Fujifilm X100 – Hungarian Parliment