The definitive guide to getting around San Francisco

In 2015 I wrote a silly article explaining BART, Muni, and how to avoid the hills of San Francisco when riding a bicycle. It was a piece written in Portuguese, aimed at travelers visiting the city. It included vintage photos of BART uniforms, manuals to the ticket machines, some historical details here and there, and even a video of a guy on a Clipper card costume. I like to think I helped a couple of tourists ride their rented bikes to Haight Ashbury through the Wiggle. Wow, I even got a few emails from people saying how they’ve appreciated it!

BART Poster Series, by Mónico Chávez
“First, we need to agree on one thing: San Francisco is a city to discover on foot, by bicycle, and by public transit. Perhaps the auto industry focused too much on Los Angeles and forgot about us; or the residents made themselves heard. Somehow, the city maintained its priorities: people before cars. This ensured that it did not turn into a jungle torn off by freeways, as it happened with many other metropolitan areas in the United States. It is a civil obligation for everyone in SF to take advantage of its inviting parks, sidewalks, open areas, parklets, and streets.”
“The metropolitan cyberpunk BART: it used to smell like wet carpet until recently, but after a long renovation its essence changed to a soft re-upholstered grandma’s sofa. However, it is still possible to find some carpet trains wandering the lines. Upon entering one of these, some residents will nostalgically remember the company’s old modern uniforms. Others will feel the need to rewatch THX 1138, to remember a transbay tube before it opened to the public.”