About my work

I like to describe my practice as solving complex system-level problems so they turn into usable, aesthetically pleasing, and clear experiences for users.


Currently I’m employed at GitHub as a systems designer. There I’m helping to scale cohesive experieces in the world’s largest development platform.


At Microsoft I helped to expand the company design vocabulary for web-based products and developer-focused experiences.


As the first designer in a compact team, I helped to establish Xamarin as a design generalist. I created the company's brand identity, designed and implemented marketing websites, and developed compelling UI and UX for web apps.

2011 and earlier

In the mid 2000s, I learned about programming and open source, and started playing with web development. Shortly after, I discovered a few exciting online communities, including the GNOME Project. There I started designing user interfaces and experiences, and collaborated with many different people across the globe.

In 2011, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Design in Vitória, Brazil.